Half an hour already. As usual in this highschool, the club rooms started as an empty space so each club could pretty them up however they wanted.
I really wasn’t into room decor, so a table and four chairs looked like enough to me for the rest of the year. Maybe three chairs too much, as I had been
alone since classes ended half an hour ago. My only distraction had been thinking about how stupid it was to start this club and moving a small table around
the club room. It looked nice under the window. Which one though. Two windows. One table. So much possibilities. Still, I couldn’t hide my concern about the club
being destroyed after just one day of existance.

But we both know you wouldn’t be reading this if noone had crossed that door in the whole afternoon.

"Excuse me… Is this the Mystery Club?"

At last, victims. Or classmates. Terminology isn’t really important here.

As I droped the small table and turned around I was face by a trully beautiful sight. A short girl with glasses in a black and white bear kigurumi. What the heck.

"Yes it is. Are you here to enroll?" Or however it is said.

"Y-Yes! I’d like to." She stopped for a second to look around. "I imagined the club would be more… Mystery like."

"The only thing you need for a mystery ambience is a good enigma and light music."

"… But there are no speakers here, either." Touché. I really should work my marketing skills.

"Well, what about we put the mystery ambience here first?" I tried to make an interesting like pose but I think I merely looked like a wanna be anime character.
"You don’t get to join mystery club so easily. You’ll have to pass my trial, first."

"An enigma?" No shit Sherlock. Were you expecting a football match?

"Yes, a short mystery. I guess you are familiarized with Knox’s decalogue?"

"Yes, I am."

"We’ll be playing with a modern abridged version. Let me fetch it for you." Luckily I had printed few copies, but HAD printed them nevertheless. My rendition of the decalogue
was fairly short, obviously to exclude stupid laws such as the chinamen one. It read as it follows: “[THE ABRIDGE DECALOGUE]. Everything clear?”

"Yes! Go!" What an enthusiastic type. I would hit her with a quick logical mystery, but hopefully she would barely manage to solve it and I’ll accept her anyways.

"Ok, you’ll be solving a murder for starters. The rules are simple, I’ll tell you the story from the detective’s point of view and you have to explain the whole murder
to me. If you fail even in the slightess detail, I will deny your theory. As aid, every time you suggest a theory I’ll give you one statement as to why that theory is incorrect.”

Well that was quite the intro, I guess. Now to the interesting part. I had to try and play with all the decalogue’s rules that I could, so the circus kind of murder should work.
But being the character that knows the solution, I guess it won’t really be fun if I keep writing the story, so —- here will continue in a bit. Laters.


"As aid, every time you suggest a theory I’ll give you one statement as to why that theory is incorrect." Ha. I needed no aid. This mystery was going to be a piece of cake.

He looked away as if to search for inspiration. I must confess that someone who could invent a mystery specific for me in such a short notice did make joining the club more
interesting. Or “enrolling”, as he had said earlier. I still didn’t even know the president’s name, but names are not always necessary to work on a mystery. A lot of times,
if wordplay is not involved, one can solve the mystery for either John and Jane or Person X and Person Y.